Monday, April 20, 2015


Hi! Hello! This past few weeks I've been working on stuff to sell at the school's Spring Fair. I've been dye-ing, drawing, and embroidering clothes like crazy. This is something I made that will be hard to part with. I've been wearing it a lot so I can get all the wearing out of it before I sell it. Things I don't sell at the fair will go up on my website, so keep ur eyes peeled!! Anyway, I spent like 2 days drawing these butts and shading them all and the final product has come out better than even I could have imagined! I'm honestly obsessed!!! I'm selling it for a bout $45, so if it doesn't sell next weekend, I'll post it online! I'm trying to wear it as much as possible before I get rid of it so here are two outfits of me wearing it.
in progress!!
What kind of shirts would you like to see me make next??? I'm making an alien one next!


  1. wow that shirt is amazing!! i can tell you put so much work into it yr so nice-and-inspiring.png also a shirt with noses on it would be sweeet!! :~)

  2. OOO! Please keep that! You will be sorry if you don't. maybe get it to Lisa and Cyrille and make a print!!!

  3. You are so perfect!! PLEASE make an alien one. I will totally buy it from you or trade anything you want for one <3333