Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ava, Museums, Food, and Santa Cruz

For the last few weeks, my cousin Ava has been here! And we've been running around doing fun things every day! I always try to document every single thing, but ever since I started a personal instagram, where I'm posting more stuff per day, I feel even more inclined to be like "Ava, go stand over there while I take your photo", or taking photos of anything that feels aesthetically pleasing to my eyeballs.
I've also just pulled out my drawing pad and started trying to use it again to edit photos and I'm loving the results! Anyway, I know this is kind of a small post, but I'll have more soon!


  1. I LOVE your pictures and the artistic touch to them!
    Jade xx

  2. Ah your photographs are always so aesthetically pleasing! x