Monday, July 6, 2015

Storenvy Styling With Ava

I've finally started selling my clothes!! While Ava was here I styled some outfits and had her model some of the clothes I'm trying to sell. I really loved how some of them turned out, so I'm putting my favourite stylings up here so you can be inspired to stop by my shop and buy some things. And also I'm just REALLY loving some of the outfits that came out of this. It's sort of like showing my own outfits, but on someone else. God, I'm really loving styling. I'm sort of thinking about that as a career these days...we'll see where that leads :)
 Crushed Velvet Overalls: $15 (SOLD OUT)
Left: Autumnal Snap Front Skirt: $15 (ON SALE)
Right: Bart Button Up: $15
 Cheerleader Crop Top: $10 (ON SALE)
Left: Vintage Boyscout Button Up: $10 (SOLD OUT)
Right: Crushed Velvet Overalls: $15 (SOLD OUT)
Left:  Cheerleader Crop Top: $10 (ON SALE)
Right:  Homemade (not by me) Green Floral Skirt: $10 (ON SALE)

I hope you're all having a great summer!! 

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  1. Love every outfit and the backgrounds just make the photos even more stylish, keep on inspiring