Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lately; Fall Edition

Hello Again!
I'm exhaustedly writing this as I'm waiting for my fabric to wash in the washer; I'm sewing a dress as a final project (which I'm really excited to show you all!), and I'm feeling super antsy but also really really tired. I've been up late a lot of nights doing stupid stuff and homework and procrastinating and watching The Office....it's that last lap of the mile right now. I just gotta push through. I'll probably be sick for like a week when I finally get out for winter break.
Anyway, in conjunction with my last post, I wanted to make a classic "Lately" post. Since I've been so busy with work and school I haven't had much time for outfit photos or anything, but I have taken a lot of photos. And as my instagram is becoming more and more of an art-form in itself, I've been taking a lot more interesting photos.

ALSO! I really haven't updated this is a while with the goings on of my life I realized. So what better time than in this lately post?
Firstly, I got a job! It's an awesome job too; I'm working for this vintage store near me (that I've literally shopped at since middle school, and it's really small and locally owned and only 5 people work there like very #cool) I'm learning a lot about clothing, how to identify something as vintage and slowly but surely learning how to really tell the time period a piece is from. It's an amazing job and I'm getting so inspired, and I get to see and touch and try on stuff that's been around for a LONG time! We have some amazing, mint condition, gorgeous 20s pieces that I saw up close and held and it's amazing! I'm loving it more and more each day I work there.
I'm working on becoming an Individualized major, which is a program my school has where you can bascially build your own major from existing majors. You have to be accepted and I'm in the class you have to take to be considered right now. It's not like competitive or anything, it's just about whether or not they find your argument for hybridity compelling or not. I am finding a way to combine my journaling, fashion, and textiles. I think it's going to be really really cool, and I feel confident I'll be accepted and I'm super excited for the years to come!
I just signed up for my classes next semester and I'm really excited!! I'm taking some really amazing classes. I'm taking a class on dying and painting on fabrics called Saturated Cloth, a class called Narrative Stitches (like could it BE more perfect for me???? no it couldn't), the next sewing class, a fashion history class, and a class on consumer culture. I cannot say how excited I am for the next semester!!!
Anyway, here are some photos from this past semester!
I found this picture of this dog and it is 100% me. My dog soul-mate
Cool Sign I saw// Cute outfit I wore when it finally dipped below 80 degrees
Some journal pages
Grateful Dad shirt
The hat I've been #living in lately
The outfit I wore to my interview for the vintage store I now work at !!
First day of work outfit//Light in the textiles studio//Great America outift
Journal entry "Publicly Crying"
Unapologetically emotional postcards as a performance piece for my performance art class. 
"Strategic Discomfort"
My tessellation print in various stages of progress
Wigglies and Stripes
Underwear as outwear (in the dressing rooms at work)
a great outfit I wore the other day (also at work) Almost fully from Savers, which is one of my new favourite thrifting-places ever. 
Two necklaces I made
Textures (with my tessellation print)
A closeup of the above outfit. Influenced by my coworker I've started wearing scarves like this
//I missed my dentist appointment//


  1. Those journal pages have such a sharp beauty :) xoxo


  2. So cool to see what you've been up to! Keep it up! Inspiring

  3. Ahh what a cool post (those fall/winter vibes!!)! First: I really love the style of posting such sets of details in your life, 2.:those journal pages are beautiful! and 3.: your self made necklaces are adorable! Every thing - outfit, collage, artwork is so inspiring, I really enjoy spending some time on here! :))