Monday, June 6, 2016

**~winter vibes~**

WOW! My longest hiatus yet! I have a lot to catch up on so, now that I'm horribly sick and it's summer. Isn't now the perfect time??
So I'll start with my winter semester/winter break!
I finished my semester by changing my major and getting accepted into the individualized program I've wanted to get in to! I'm combining fashion, textiles, and my journaling in a way that I think is really exciting and compelling and I'm super excited about!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until I have more photos showing what I'm trying to do but my photos of the things I've actually made that show that are really bad...That's on my to do list for when I feel better! Look forward to a post about it!
Okay, that's all I can say now! I'll update more in the next post!

1. 1970s Coca Cola pants from my uncle // 2. My love!!

1. My new purse my mom gave me for my birthday // 2. clad in all new amazing stuff: belt and shoes from the vintage store I work at // 3. "instagram is performance" banner for my newly decorated room

Left: my fave jumpsuit, new scarf (at the time) // Right: Beautiful oil cloth

Selfies at work

Left: Me and my cousin drawing on my aunts porch, doing sketches and plant gestures // Right: At the Conservatory of Flowers

During my birthday week when I had a great outfit 

1. my favourite lipstick and new eyebrows//2. cute outfit selfie//3. window selfie with my favourite faux fur coat//4. I was planning on taking selfies every time I cried this year, which I've already failed but here's one.

Left: Sketching with my cousin and my aunt--doing gestures of plants which I've never done before! So cool and very helpful! Right: a journal page I made layering several of the gestures I did! 

Left: layers//Right: I got my eyebrows done and she did such a good job I look amazing in this

Left: me on my birthday// Right: my newly decorated room!

matching my room
my new 1970s "Fragile Handle With Care" shirt!
"ART JUST IS" a window I saw in SF
A scarf my mom made me for Christmas and a bag my aunt made!
Watercolor still-life

A dress I made for my final project: make something out of two mens button up shirts. The pockets are from the sleeves of the jean shirt, and the top of the pocket is from the collar! The whole back of the dress buttons up :) You can see more photos on my art blog 

My amazing denim jumpsuit from the vintage store I work at (the print on the wall is not mine)

A close up on one of the pockets in a dress I made


  1. love all the photos!

  2. Woaahh that huge amount of plants in this post is the best ahh!