Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lately: Second Semester Edition

Hello again! 
I'm trying to catch up on my whole last semester and show you all what I've been up to! A lot of new clothes, a lot of work, a lot of mirror selfies, several in progress projects...etc. Most of my mirror selfies are in the textiles studio aka pretty much my new home. I've been there at 7am and 1 in the morning...but I am finally so comfortable there that I love it. I'll post photos of the studio itself soon--it's just such a beautiful space! So many open windows and in progress art everywhere and everyone in the program is so amazing and nice I just feel so at home in the space. Anyway, I made several trips to the DeYoung this semester--there were a lot of shows I wanted to see and now that I have a car it's a lot easier to get out there. And I love museums! I'm so inspired by everything and the more I learn the more amazing it is to see everything. This semester I took a Craft Theory and have been thinking a lot about craft and art and museums and showing art/craft objects which makes going to a museum a more fun and analytical event. 

"No hard feelings" punny outfit with my penis print shirt underneath...stay tuned for t-shirts and dresses based on this idea
A rambling embroidery writing I was working on for a project
Left: I went to the DeYoung three times in two weeks. The left is a Nick Cave Soundsuit // Right: and Boquets to Art exhibit, arrangement by Poppy's Petalworks based on painting William Joseph McClosekey's Oranges in Tissue Paper (1890)
Anxiety journal entry
Some amazing shoes I got from my job. SO beautiful!!!!
Left: Selfie in the textiles studio (as always)// Right: a flower arrangement at my grandma's house with my aunt's fabric design underneath as a table runner. I have a family of artists!!
This AMAZING 1920s dress I found at the White Elephant sale for literally $8?????????? Best deal ever. I'm scared to wear it again since it's so delicate, but it's currently hanging on my wall with a print of a Klimt painting. 
Left: an amazing silk bodysuit I got from my job....so perfect...all I wear on hot days laying around in my house // Right: Ben Shahn at the DeYoung 
My favourite new socks--they go well with all my Yoshitomo Nara drawings on my walls. 
Left: What I wore on Valentines day...with my amazing 1970s Coca Cola pants that my uncle gave me and my great Gogo boots!!!
Left: A valentine boquet Zach made for me :') I put it in the Coca Cola bottle I had for lunch..went really well with my Coca Cola valentines day outfit// Right: U & I Liquor store! I love it <3
Left: Weaving by Lia Cook Backstage Curtain (1984) // Right: layer-y outfit I wore in the textiles studio with this AMAZING sweater my family friend gave me and my teacher told me it's Jacquard knitted! There are more photos of it in this post
A journal entry with a poem I wrote called "I love you so much it hurts"
1. one of my many post-crying selfies // 2. an outfit I wore photoshopped with a background of a print my grandma created! // 3. me drinking a milkshake on my lunch break
I got a tattoo based on a Georgia Okeefe painting with a cow skull and morning glory flower!
1. me in thrift town wearing ribbon as a choker // 2. one of my favourite arrangements from the Bouquets to Art exhibit // 3. Zach on our anniversary!
The dress I made for my final project in my sewing class was selected to be shown at a store! 
Left: I went to the Conservatory of Flowers with Zach for our anniversary // Right: journal entry of the Conservatory of Flowers
"Shut your pie hole." socks hanging up in my room

I'm finally almost caught up! I can't wait to catch you all up on the other stuff I've been up to this summer! My next post will be posting all the projects I worked on this semester (so I gotta photograph some of those....)
I hope you're all having a lovely start to your week!


  1. We love your updates! Looks like you be been busy. Amazing work!

  2. Also, if you come here again, let me know, I JUST got rid of bunch of stuff that I think now that you might have wanted! Will start a new box now for you!