Thursday, July 21, 2016

What's In My Bag

The other night I went to my grandma's house for dinner, actually to give my grandma the jacket I made for her that I just wrote about in the previous post (For Grandma) and my aunt and cousins are visiting and staying with my grandparents for the next month or so, but I hadn't seen much of them yet because I've been working a lot. My grandma always gets around to great topics when we talk for so long, and somehow we got around to the idea of what people carry in their bags. I'm not sure how it came up, but I started joking around about how people always make fun of me for the ridiculous stuff I have in my bag and decided to just have an impromptu performance art piece to show them that I was not exaggerating.  I grabbed my bag and started pulling things out and through the lens of my aunt and grandma's reactions (mainly laughing), I realized just how ridiculous all the things I carry around are! And so, the other night, inspired by the ridiculousness, I went through my bag and photographed everything in it in an aesthetically pleasing (I think) fashion.

What's In My Bag?

 Three pencil cases and a wallet
 Pencil Case One: Four regular sized post-it note pads (different colors), One small size post it note pad, One pack of rainbow origami paper, star stickers, letter stickers, flower stickers, alien stickers, food stickers, rainbow stickers, shell stickers, and four bobby pins
 Pencil Case Two: Three pink tapes, one floral fabric tape, three yellow tapes, one green fabric tape, one green stripe tape, one blue stripe tape, one blue fabric tape, one purple tape, one red tape, six black and white tapes
 Pencil Case Three: Letter stencils, two extact-o knives, two scissors, one water paintbrush, four white gel pens, one white pencil, three erasers, one glue stick, one travel size paint-set, three different deco-color paint pens, three skinny black pens, two black sharpies, one black paint brush pen, pencil led, one mechanical pencil, one water soluble pen, one blue colored pencil, one rainbow pencil, two $0.89 pens (one pink one red), one orange hi-liter, one skinny orange sharpie, three sharpie paint pens, one yellow sharpie, one pink sharpie
 One book, two sketchbooks, and a planner
 One 6 inch and one 10 inch embroidery hoop
 Five antique doilies
 An extra pair of underwear and a matching color of embroidery floss
 Red embroidery floss, a map to the SFMOMA, and a neck tie
 A waterbottle, pink polyester thread, and a bag of rubberbands
My Key Ring: One stuffed giraffe, car keys, two copies of the same house key, one work key, two flash drives, my student ID, a lanyard from a school Zach used to go to


  1. I must say that you do have quite a few interesting things in your bag! I can tell that you are a very creative person! Do you use every single thing in your bag? at least ones a week?
    I also used to have so much stuff in my bag when I was little! For you know.. just in case :) :P
    Jade xo

  2. I am absolutely in love with your "random crap" pouch! I'm jealous of how much stationary/art items you have.