Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer, Sun, and Short Hair

I was looking through my iPhoto and phone pics, and I just thought I was due for a little summery update post. I know I'm super infrequent and random about posting here but I really want to get back into posting semi-regularly and keeping updated on what's going on in my life/my style/my art. Basically I just want somewhere to dump all the million photos I take in my life and a way to document my art and outfits and just fun photos of my life events. I'm trying to figure out where this blog is going and what I want out of it. I saw Amanda Brohman's blog and realized I really miss outfit blogging, but also feel like that's just not me anymore, maybe?? I'm not sure... But this blog is so important to me and I like updating it, especially since it's sort of like my journals in it's documentation and I just can't say no to documentation you know? I love it.
One thing that Amanda Brohman did in her blog that I really liked was posting a list of things she's been into/interested in lately in her posts, which is very much in line with what I want to be doing with this blog, just keeping a continual documentation of things I'm up to/into so I'm gonna start doing a version of that here! I'm not sure if it will be every post or just every "Lately" post. 
Me in my oatmeal fragile shirt and a necklace Emily made for me  
The first day after I impulsively cut my hair! // Some of the tshirts I've been making, which you can purchase here
Shopping at thrift town taking selfies in the bathroom and in the dressing rooms in my favorite slip
A journal entry with magazine cutout "Feel Sorry" //  After I cut my bangs, but before I chopped the rest of my hair off
From the SFMOMA, someone tell me this artists name! I forgot to write it down
(Me and the work mannequin in a cute giant fake fur coat and the most amazing slip I own// Drawing in my journal of myself in a bed in my bed)
My bby Zach wearing super cute outfit in the vintage store I work at. // Redecorated this wall again
My friend Anna at a cafe we hung out at for a while
Selfie from work with my favourite slip and cutie lace up shoes // A super 70s outfit I wore to the Sutro Baths with a shirt that I made
An amazing slip jumpsuit I bought from my job and wore when I met Emily Payne from Project Runway! She just walked into the vintage store I worked at and she was so nice and I was so awkward and star struck! 
(A selfie in the bathtub one morning when the lighting was amazing and made me feel like I was in a movie // My tiny cutie scissors tattoo that I gave myself)

Reading: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I'm reading it in tiny spurts that I hope will grow into longer spurts as I have more time when I quit my job and have the half an hour to an hour shuttle rides to the city every week when classes start. 
Creating: Series of handkerchiefs for "Text-tales" textiles show about crying that I'm excited to share! Also working on t-shrits, sewn shirts, and upcyled mens shirts for this craft sale I'm going to be a part of next week
Wanting: more time to make things, to go swimming, a new tattoo, to feel the creative journaling spark
Listening to: InvisibiliaThis American LifeBack Pocket by Vulfpeck
Wearing: mostly vintage, thrifted, or made by me or friends. I love being in an art environment where these things are possible for me. 
Excited About: next semester! I'm taking so many amazing classes that I'm so excited about, this craft show I'm a part of, all the art in my head that I've yet to create!
Crying About: Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the countless lives lost and the racism in our country now and always, the environment and seeming inevitable destruction of the earth
Favourites: iced mochas sitting in a cafe reading or writing in my journal, my oatmeal colored fragile tshirt, all white outfits, bodies of water, the game "essence", the sun
Inspired By: the sun, the color red, a few favorite instagrams atm: 1, 2, 3, 4, salt, layers, (trying to be) spontaneous, 2017 Chanel Cruise Line, super worn t-shirts that become slightly see-through, art pieces that are series, things that go together

Some flowers from the farmers market and me modeling some 1970s sunglasses for my job's website
Me in another fragile shirt I made on a super cute sheer crop top // Accompanying my mom to her tattoo appointment // The full outfit with the sheer fragile top
Some more shirts I'm selling--I'm really into kids shirts as crop tops // Zach and some cute Miyazaki wall art
A journal entry from my road trip // Right after I gave myself the little scissors on my ankle
I got the cutest label maker and started immediately making journal entries about salt! // A cute house in the city
The most amazing cuties that I love at the Sutro Baths on such a beautiful day
List of inspirations // My grandma wearing the jacket I posted about in the last post! She loves it! She's worn it a few times now :') I'm so happy she likes it and it was right for her. 
Cutout journal entry self portrait // Salt journal entry self portrait (more label maker art)
Another shirt I made // The light at dinner with Zach when we went to the beach for the day
Me and a giant sunflower I got at the Farmers Market with my mom
Me modeling for my job in some amazing 1970s bellbottoms that I ended up buying...
More pictures of me in my slip jumpsuit and American Apparell red bra // Some flowers from the Botanical Garden's free day!
The same day I cut my hair looking like I'm about to cry and trying to figure out how to pull my hair back with it so short // Full denim outfit all the same color denim that I owned layered on top of each other
More photos of me and my best friend at the Sutro Baths
Natalie looking out at the ocean // Zach got a septum piercing and a buzzcut (that I did). Wearing another t-shirt I made for Zach's b-day!
Some pictures of me in an outfit I made (!!) at the Botanical Gardens on the free day :)
Me again in the Botanical Gardens being kissed by my girlfriend the sun!
Zach looking SO CUTE when we went to the Moma together
My friend Claire made the most fabulous and summery brunch

So many things are happening! I can't wait to update with more, my art, and this sale I'm doing next week! I'm nervous and excited for all the things to come 


  1. love your outfits and the short hair too! do you know Daisy Sanchez? The fragile tops remind me of their work. How are you liking Americanah so far? It's on my book wishlist



  2. this post is just so visually appealing. that slip you love so much is incredibly gorgeous. and i really liked that first instagram you linked. hopefully we'll get to see some of the stuff you've been creating in the space sometime(: