Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wear the Color and Become the Color

I am back at school! Woah! It simultaneously feels like I've been away forever, and like I've been away for a day. I also missed almost my whole first week from the flu, which held me back a bit and made my first few weeks a bit off, but I think I'm back on track finally. I was really worried about coming back because of all the artists block I was experiencing last semester--I really didn't want to spend a whole other semester making things that didn't feel right or exciting and I even toyed with the idea of taking a semester off because I felt in such a funk! I am happy to announce, however, that (knock on wood) I'm feeling a lot better and more excited about making things again! I have two studio classes this semester and they're both really different than the studios I've had the past few semesters--one Bookmaking/Papermaking class and one class on Natural Dyeing. Both are so new to me that I'm learning a lot already! And the new processes are really getting me out of my funk because they really tie in with the processes I already know and I'm very excited to combine them! I feel very inspired!
It's gonna be a hard semester. I'm taking six classes, which is more than I have ever taken in the past, so I'm hoping I won't get too burnt out and hoping I can stay on top of all the work I have to get done! Also, everything that's going on in the world is terrifying and anxiety depletes my energy really fast. But I'm trying to be more active; to fight in the ways I can. Be energized by the fight rather than feeling overwhelmed by what I can't do. 
Shaker gift drawing behind me: Polly Jane Reed, A Type of Mother Hannah's Pocket handkerchief, Drawn by Father James for Jane Blanchard, New Lebanon, N.Y., 1851. Ink and watercolor on paper; H. 14", W. 17". 
Stepped On: Double cloth pickup woven rug I made displayed in the Text-Tales show. Text on the rug reads "heart hurt" all weft yarns were dyed with makeup. 
My adorable grandma interacting with her jacket on display at the Text-Tales show. 

I'm wearing more bright colors and makeup lately to fuel my energy. Wear the color and become the color. I want to continue this energized feeling I have! I need to continue to work hard and be making things as much as I possibly can! Speaking of which, I need to get back to journaling. 

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