Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thinking in Layers

So far, school is going really great. I have a very full schedule, but I'm enjoying it! Sometimes I feel I am more productive when I have such a full schedule because I literally have to be--every moment I have to being working or I won't finish. I've also been spending every minute of down time I have journaling which has been really great! I've finished a journal in just two months! I'm sharing some pages here and there's a video at the bottom,  as I always do when it's finished.
I think it was really good to take a breather from fashion--this semester I'm not taking any fashion courses. And I've actually been sketching so many ideas for clothes to make and feeling really excited about making at my own pace. The only problem is I have no time! I have so many ideas of things to make and no idea when I will get to make them. But nevertheless, I'm at least happy that I am inspired and excited to make things, and hopefully for my natural dyeing class I'll get the chance to make some clothes for my midterm! At least, I'm gonna try...
This was all written weeks ago from when these photos were taken, now it's spring break! and I finally have had a chance to edit these photos and get this post ready! I just went through some midterms and my junior review, which is when you present your artwork to a panel of faculty and alumni (about 4 people) and read your artist statement/present your work and they give you feedback! It went really well, I think I got really helpful feedback! I'll post photos of the review/some of the feedback I got/what I spoke about in another post soon... For now, this was my February:
Right: Ellsworth Kelly Head With Beard, 1949
From Red Twig Farm: we visited with my Soil to Studio natural dyeing class
Right: print I saw at the Codex book fair about how to make pizza down to how to grow your own basil from seeds! I thought I had the guy's card/name, but I can't find it! If anyone knows, please let me know!

Thinking about the things I carry around
My favorite book artist at the fair: this super sweet couple. See their books/buy them here

Right: Ellsworth Kelly...I'm getting inspired by more plant drawings! I want to draw more. 
Right: another anticham book
Marimekko print behind two amazing friends 

Yellow from Maya Gulassa on Vimeo.

I'm working on some really exciting projects and thinking a lot about where I want to go in the future of the stuff I make and even specifically what I want to do for my senior show in two semesters...I feel really really inspired right now. It's such a good feeling!!!
Also, I've updated my artist website a decent amount. So you should all check it out here. Only the stuff that's most relevant to me right now is up, so most of it I've already posted on here before, but be sure to look at it anyway. You can see my more perfected artist statement and a few projects I've never posted here.
I hope to post again soon!

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