Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CT 232 Feathers and Flowers (9/9/11)

This hat was a really good find, I'm wearing it all the time these days. I like it because I can wear it with different bows and it looks like a different hat.
Today was tiring, but I found out something exiting:
I GOT INTO TROUBS!! I will now be singing at events and stuff in a quartet for christmas time. It's really exiting but also very stressful, since I have to learn my part in a bunch of different songs before Christmas-time and be able to sing my part alone, while there are three other parts going on around me, which will probably be difficult. Anyway, although I will be more stressed soon, I am super exited about getting in!!
Anyway, I was happy I was wearing a good outfit on a good day, that way it made the day extra special.  I love these flower shorts and feather earrings- they both seem to go with all my favorite pieces!
Hat:Crossroads/Scarf:Vintage from aunt/Feather Earrings:Buffalo Exchange/Shirt:Crossroads/Belt:Thrift Town/Shorts:Thrift Town/Shoes:Tahoe
Hope you all had as lovely a week as I did. :) 
<3 xo Maya

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