Thursday, September 1, 2011

CT 224 "Or are we all just like butterflies in The Breeze?" (8/31/11)

I had a really awesome day today. When I'm wearing an outfit I really like I suddenly feel super confident and happy. Not to mention when I get sweet comments on my clothes, that always lights up my day. 
I freaking love this blazer, I love when I find something so perfect at a thrift town. I mean- $2, can you beat that? I just rediscovered a pair of earrings on my dresser. My aunt gave them to me a few years ago in a box of vintage stuff for my birthday, but I had so many god earrings I never had cause to wear them. After some gum got loose in my backpack, I had to get rid of one of my favorite pairs of gold earrings, but now that I realized how awesome these ones are I'm kind of glad the other ones were ruined. 
Beret:Vintage from my aunt/Glasses:My grandmas/Earrings:vintage from my aunt/Blazer:Thrift Town/Dress:F21/Belt:Granny's Attic/Oxfords:F21

Hope you're all having a lovely week!
Quote in Title: 
"Butterfly in the Breeze"
by Eddplant


  1. I love it! I just sent you something yesterday, let me know when it arrives!

  2. I just got them!! Oh my god- so exited! I can't wait to wear them- I'll make a post soon! <3