Monday, September 12, 2011


Right before school started, my friend and I went to Tahoe.
In these first few photos we are in this field right outside Madeline's house in Tahoe. After that we're in another field.
Getting to this gorgeous field was difficult, we had to ride our bikes for a really long time up this hill, which took forever. It was worth it though, the field was so beautiful! Madeline and I discovered this really cool setting on our cameras called "shade mode" which basically makes everything look like it is sunset- you can see that in the last few photos.
Oh, and, by the way, this is the dress from this post.
Bow in Hair:Recycle Reuse/Scarf:Granny's Attic/Shirt:Thrift Town/Overalls:Granny's Attic/Belt:Granny's Attic (another entirely thrifted outfit :)!!)
Hat:Crossroads/Dress:Crossroads/Necklace:Craft Faire/Belt:Granny's Attic/Bracelet:Giraffe/Boots: Delia*s

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