Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In the polaroids you were dressed in women's clothes

Though the Bright Eyes title and blank expression on my face scream otherwise, this is not a depressing post. I just only know one song that incorporates the word "polariod", which was supposed to be the focus of this post. And without further ado, my obsessive and over-enthusiastic rant: OH MY GOD. I got a polaroid camera. Okay, well technically not polaroid, it's fujifilm, but everyone thinks of self printing/developing cameras as "polariods" like people think of all tissues as kleenex. It's that sort of brand thang. But I digress. I totally just thought to myself "hrmph, I really want a polaroid (fujifilm) camera. Imma look on craigslist. Hey look this guy lives two blocks away from me and is selling it for 30$ less than normal. Lemme email him. Hey he emailed back. Looks like I'm going up there this weekend. Cool beans." Sometimes things just work out perfectly.
Um. Another thing to mention; although you probably can't tell I'm wearing some new coral lipstick that I thought was going to be a lot less subtle. It's basically normal people lip color, but as I have dark lips I was hoping it'd be more noticeable. But I guess that doesn't really make much sense. 
Another thing (wow, I can actually formulate words that no one will read in this post! shocker) I apologize for the dark circles underneath my eyes. Despite my best efforts both with concealer and photoshop, they are still rather noticable. Much more so than my lipstick. I'm helping my mom with teaching art/cooking in the middle school summer school, which requires me to wake up at the ungodly hour of 7:15 in the morning and then I have to run around all day with the children. It's exhausting. Hence the blank expression. Wait...loljk I do that every time. 
Dress:Crossroads/Sweater:F21/Shoes:Crossroads/Necklace:Vintage/Polaroid Camera:Craigslist
Please ignore the awkward flipped collar...
^ I <3 my fujifilm.

Song from title:

Continue to have a lovely summer

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