Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hoooolllly Shit.

GAH. GAHGAHGAHGAHGAHGAH. I just fucking met Tavi Gevinson. Also what the hell Anaheed is Ira Glass's wife. How did this happen? Two people I love in one coupling. GAHGAHGAHGAHGAH. < My I'm-freaking-out noise
BRB DYING. Also pictures:
She's so tiny. I look monstrous. 
Holy crap it's Tavi and a Kitten. How could this get better? Answer--It couldn't
A Tavi look-alike
Awesome ass foam headband
Me and Petrrrrra
Tavi's shoesies
GAH. that crown.
Me in a braid chain. 
Photo by Petra

In conclusion: best day ever. also. Tavi and an adorable kitten. Made my day amazing. holy shit just lsjbaioiwarufkwajislJklkcajasldkjlakjsdunavn;ljworieanr. I can't even write 'cos it was so awesome.
So many adorable outfits and cool people who wanted to look through my journal and told me how cool it was and Tavi agreed to look at my blog/sign my journal/take the postcards I shoved in her face. If I said anything it was probably just this garbled mess of like "omg hi sign please journal, yes? also postcards take my hands hand to you?" Amazing day. amazing amazing day. I met so many awesome friends and we're gonna have a Rookie girlz collage club before summer ends and I AM SO AMAZINGLY EXCITED. I loved everyone so much and I got like 10 phone numbers/facebook friends and aljguaigjlw;aljavcpwoitunrf. just aiwjeiauernwlkejdkl;k.
so much funnnnnnn.
xoxo Maya

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