Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Many Journals

When I went to the Rookie SF meetup, I couldn't decide what to bring; what was normal enough to carry around, but also allowed me to document the afternoon with accuracy? I knew I wanted to bring one of my journals, as I wanted to get Tavi to write in it. But I couldn't decide which one. This would not be a real problem for most. I mean, most people don't even keep journals anymore, and those who do probably only have one. But me? I have three. It's a problem. I have one, which is the starting one, the one that I've talked about on multiple occasions on here. The one I write in/throw something in to evidence what I've done that day every single day for a year as explained here. I would usually just bring that, that being my main journal, but it's a lot bigger than the bag I was bringing, meaning I would just have to lug it around all day. But while you ponder the practicality of bringing that journal, I'll explain my other two journals to you. Another I started recently--it's supposed to be my "SUMMER JOURNAL" as it is made from the book "The Music of Summer." What? What does that mean "made from the book"?? Well, my mother is a librarian, and she had the idea, after being inspired by one of my favorite books of all time: 1000 Artists Journal Pages, to use the discarded books and turn them into journals by gesso-ing over the pages and collaging over that. It was brilliant-- IS brilliant--so I decided to make a summer journal like that. Then we have my last journal, which is just plain, boring writing. Even I need to vent sometimes. Anyway, the dilemma was, which journal to bring? As my summer journal was new, I was in the honeymoon period with it, as it were, so I wanted to bring that, but what I really wanted her to write in was the one I do something in everyday. I guess the real point of this is not to tell you which journal I brought, but to explain the dilemma that having multiple journals poses.
Another problem is choosing when and what I'm going to post from my million journals. I don't want to overwhelm you with the amount of journaling I have done, so my solution is that I'm just going to post little pieces of my journal at a time. I wanted to just put a gif of my summer journal+my other journal pictures, but I think I'm going to put the gif and then the pictures that added up to the gif.
Sorry this is so long and ramble-y.

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