Saturday, April 27, 2013


I finally actually had time to do things on thursday (even though I thought I would have no time. I was supposed to have a track meet, but after the bus drove us an hour to the meet, we found out it was actually on a different day, so we drove an hour back. Then I did the only piece of homework I had and whipped out some glitter and all the fruit/veggies we had readily available and did this shoot. I was inspired by one of the images in my last post, but ultimately tried to make it my own.
Unfortunately for me, as it is literally got EVERYWHERE in my kitchen and I keep finding bits of it in my hair and on my clothes (clothes that I wasn't even wearing when I did the shoot) God it's a nightmare. I vacuumed the kitchen FOUR times...but it's still all over.
 Anyway, here are the pictures:



  1. These are beautiful! Glitter is just the best, I'm planning to cover my school folder with glitter because I think it would be a lovely incentive for me to actually do some work. Although I'd probably just stare and admire the perfection that is glitter instead of opening it. I really like the last picture, how did you stick the glitter on your lips? Your eyes are lovely <3
    (would love to make some blogger friends)

    1. hi!
      thank you thank you!
      um. for the last picture I just licked my lips and it stuck, but if I actually wanted to wear it I woul suggest mixing with vasaline. I've heard that works.
      Hope that helped!

    2. I've added the followers gadget so you can follow me now :)
      And I just did a post about glitter as well <3

  2. This is actually so cool I love it so much! They're all so pretty! Maya, you are super creative and I love this! You must have a really good camera too, and you're an amazing photographer!

  3. MAYA I LOVE YOU <3 these are fantastic, wow!!!!!

  4. This is AWEESOME. Found your blog through Ellie's, been reading backwards. You're one rad lady

    Bas x