Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mrs. Frizzle Bitch Faces Too

This week has been beautiful. Because of STAR testing giving us way more allotted time than we actually need to take the test, there's a lot of extra time afterward, with which I read TWO BOOKS! I finished the second half of The Virgin Suicides and then read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), Mindy Kaling's memoir, which apart from being hilarious, really made me want to write a memoir of my life. Not that I actually have enough funny/interesting anecdotes to write a book, just that the idea of writing 200 pages about myself sounds very appealing. Be ready for excepts in future.
On another note, it's been extremely hot here lately, which means I break out the short skirts with no spandex or tights, awaiting teacher confrontation with a rape-culture speech loaded and ready. Also these pink 60's shades.  Also various up-do's. So you have all of that to look forward to.
Oh also, I forgot to mention that in typical me fashion, knowing I wanted to probably not have bangs for the summer, I've been growing them out (why I've had side bangs in the latest posts), but then I got all nostalgic looking over pictures from Christmas time and spontaneously chopped off that inch and a half that I had been working so hard for. But it's okay because they're gorg. Amiright or amiright?
Pink Shades: Pretty Penny/Earrings: Craft Show/Shirt: Thrift Town/Skirt: Thrift Town
I developed my disposable camera pictures recently and this is the only one I really loved (but I do love it a lot)
This shirt makes me feel like Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus teaching about plants. This seems like a great idea for a halloween costume...
On another note, I thought it was time for an update on 
Bitch Facing: New Bangs Style. 
If anyone gives you a bad time about the clothes you're wearing being "too revealing" or "inappropriate" do not attempt to hold back your feminist rage. Anyone who actually thinks that it's more inappropriate for you to wear short skirts than it is for them to say, "guys can't help themselves when you wear revealing clothes" is an asshole and deserves a rant about rape-culture yelled in their face anyway. This is how you can show them how ignorant they are and shut them up without even a word. When they start giving you a lecture, pull one of these tried and true methods and make their sexist arguments die in their throats:
The "Pointedly Raised Eye Brows" (Also Known As the "Sarcastic Approval"):

If you're feeling especially confident, maybe even add a sarcastic clap. 

The "Look of Pure Disgust":

The "Future Murder (me)":
Make sure to widen your eyes and pointedly sigh as if you cannot believe this is happening to you. This can be used in conjunction with the "Look of Pure Disgust". 

The "Painfully Nice":
This works best with a couple nods. 

The "Absolutely Not.":
Slowly shake your head to convey the level of your disgust (i.e. as high as possible)

The "Slow Blink"
Make sure not to break eye contact and make very slow and clearly annoyed blinks as if you cannot believe how stupid they are. 

And if nothing else works:
The "Middle Finger":
The over-exaggerated smile is required for this to work. 

I hope this was helpful/entertaining. 
My computer is getting way too hot on my lap so I think it's time for this post to end...


  1. I love your top and sunglasses so much! Your faces are also amazing and the captions are hilarious!

    1. haha glad they were enjoyable and not just offfensive...?

  2. That outfit is amazing omg I love the skirt so much...also, your bangs are super cool x

  3. OMG MAYA ILY these are 2 qt and ~i have my feminist rants ready fr all those assholes~

    also yr bangs r the best

  4. Whoa those faces are just!asdfgjhlkl Wow. And I love your bangs and your outfit. ~