Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm Just a ~~WITCH BITCH~~

It's been too long. Last week was sorta crazy, but also awesomeeee
I'm almost finished with my first shrine in art and this guys who is like ~~the bees knees~~ complimented it the other day in class and I was just like " you"
Also I got into NCS for triple jump in track because I know how to win things these days (WHAT?).
It's weird since I normally and just like NOPE when it comes to any sort of exercise.

Anyway, I've had these pictures for, like, a week but I spent forever editing them/collecting inspiration etc, but now they're finally ready to showcase! Essentially this outfit is just me trying to wear my Teen Witch shirt in a new way....whatareyagonnnado?
Okay, this post was sufficiently annoying. PICTURESS---
Headband:F21/Sunglasses: Pretty Penny/Shirt: Hollie's Etsy/Dress:F21/Socks: Sweet Dreams/Shoes:Crossroads
And here's some witchy inspiration:
Come Into The Sunshine, Rookie Shoot
 Source Unknown
 Source Unknown (someone find this and tell me what it's from because I love it)
 Source Unknown
 Wizard of Oz
Freaks and Geeks, 1999
And here's some witchy songs:


  1. This is so cool! I love all the witchy vibes, and your outfit is awesome! I love the creepers/socks combo! And your crown is super cool as well!

    1. thank you! haha I wasn't sure if i should keep the socks, but then I wore them and I was like "THESE ARE RAD"

  2. evil is awsome! super cute blog, your style is sick


  3. I absolutely adore this post!<33
    amazing photos!


  4. OMG FOUND YOU FROM THE WANDERING COLLECTIVE (I contibute too, I'm Orla), gurl, you are perfection! These pictures are amazing, they tap in so exactly into the witchy vibez I am feeling RIGHT NOW! What program did you use to edit these? xxx

    1. OOOOH! ORLA! I love your stuff <3333
      I'm just using Photoshop cuz it's my fave and it's already on my computer.

    2. Ahh,your stuff is beautiful! And thanks, I assumed so, its just I don't have Photoshop so I use Fotoflexer and am trying to find something better..anyway, thanks! xx