Friday, May 24, 2013


GUYS, it's been too long since I last posted.
I don't actually have THAT much to show you, so instead I'm bombarding you with inspiration on summer inspo cuz like SUMMER AMIRIGHT??? It's RiGHT AroUnD thE CoRneR HWHAT.
Anyway, what better to pair with a bunch of summer inspiration pictures than a ton of disposable camera photos I took in like December, right? #ALWAYSWORKS
alrighty, enjoy::
disposable camera pic I took after the White Elephant Sale of a beautiful succulent garden 
why do I kill everything I try to grow D':
Photo Flower took
Left: painting by my aunt, Lise who's amazing//Right: (Source)
ERYN,who is my lovely penpal from Canada and basically is amazing in every way,
THIS LITERALLY IS THE MOST MAGICAL THING EVER. EEEEEEEkkkk I seriously love Into The Wild soooo much.
 Part of my shrine in my room before I finished it
 Essine's photo 
Essine's (another one of my internet besties <3 <3 ) latest post 
 Another disposie pic I took after the White Elephant Sale. There were so many pretty plants and houses in this sketchy part of Oakland <3 <3
 Left: Unknown Source//Right: Urban Outfitter's catalogue
 Sources Unknown
 Aja's Photos <3 <3 <3
Another picture Hollie took
  Not to be cliché, but this scene is just so amazing and ALIVE it totally belongs here.
 Summer Goals: Run around in a full length dress like this and be beautiful like Flower
 A picture of a dress Hollie got that is literally TO DIE FOR
 VW Bus Advertisement
 Source Unknown
 10 Things I Hate About You, 1999
One of my recent journal entries.

I wanna just have a jam sesh and hang out with my friends like this and just sing a bunch of songs and play music and basically this is just amazing and I love it. 
 Two pictures I took this summer in Joshua Tree. This house was like my dream house. Minus the whole in the middle of nowhere thing. It was soooo beautiful ugh I wanna go back ASAP. 
Me in a gorg jacket that looks like a carpet bag <3 <3
 I took this when I went into the city with my dad and I was craving burritos SO MUCH and so I took a shot of the table cloth/the number card at the Mexican restaurant
 Natalie took this of me after the White Elephant Sale
Left: Essine's collage//Right: Photo I took last summer in Joshua Tree (note Virgin Guadalupe on the chair)
Me in a jacket and like matching belt. Also a flower crown I made and a velvet shirt and a velvet skirt that look like I am wearing a velvet dress. 

Alright, well sorry (or maybe you're welcome..?) for such a long post! 
I'm gonna probs take some photos this long weekend and HOPEFULLY MAKE MORE REGULAR POSTS SOON OMG I'M SO SORRY. There's like 15 days of school left or something, so. YIKES! Time to check my grades...maybe...?
Okay, I'm basically asleep cuz like what is sleep amiright?? 


  1. the photo next to your aunt's awesome painting is by momomi on flickr:
    I love your outfits/photos!

    1. oh thank you! I couldn't find where i'd saved that from

  2. I love all these photos! They're so beautiful! I love your outfit, your velvet skirt/shirt/dress is awesome!

  3. These is such a wonderful collection of summer inspiration (honoured to have my photo a part of it)! I love your disposable camera photos, they're amazing!1 <333

    1. <3333333
      I've missed you! i feel like you've been gone from the blogosphere lately :'(((

  4. I love every single one of these pictures! x

  5. Very nice pictures!!! I love all the flower ones. So dreamy :)