Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My cousin has been here for the month of August, so of course, we went on a little photo outing and I just finished editing them inspired by google poetry and ALIENS.
I've been super sick since the weekend so I had a lot of extra time to edit these (and watch a lot of old glee episodes...) (it's my guilty pleasure)
Anyway, I'm finally feeling better and getting back into all the homework I missed (YAY!)


  1. Wow I love it! The google poetry roxxxxssss

  2. SO OMFG I'M OBSESSED WITH THESE. You have incredible editing skillz, and I'm inspired to get more creative with editing. Also, I have the same shiny holographic round purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, I'm really excited about it). And Emma's gonna borrow it cuz she is da holographic queen.

    <3333 ily

  3. i love these so much!! the vibe is gr8, the poetry is gr8, and i'm feelin the love for eveyrthing out of this world.
    xoxo tara

  4. as always, these are absolutely amazing! you have such a unique way of editing that makes each photoshoot so awesome...I swear you are the photoshop queen (also perfect outfits <3 )

  5. this shoot is inspired and it's amazing! I love the google poetry and all the holographic-ness


  6. Oh my goodness. All of these pictures are perfect. The google poetry is perfectYour outift is perfect. Everything is perfect.

    You are perfect though.

    bye, Kanyinsola

  7. Your shoes, your dress, your top and your editing skills are purrrfect!

  8. These are incredible!!! I love all the clothing combinations, the make up and the way it's been edited.
    Everything is just seriously beautiful.
    You have absolutely amazing taste xx

  9. Ahhh so lovely! I love your outfits and makeup, it's so pretty! Great editing by the way.

  10. really glad to have just stumbled upon your blog. best editing ever.

  11. I loooooove these! It's such a great idee to put google poetry on photo's. Also, the make-up in these is wonderful.