Monday, March 9, 2015

Walking Advertisement

So, in the last post I said I was really into red lately..that was not a joke... The past few outfits I've worn to school have been either entirely red or based on a red piece. I recently found this amazing red hat at Thrift Town. I realized I didn't take any photos of the front, but it says something like "Burnadette's 2012 Bachelorette Party", which is really the greatest...Speaking of hats! I recently made this Loser Hat, which I put on my online shop, which by the way! I have! It already got sold, but I'm thinking I might selling more stuff online here, so keep your eyes peeled!
Both these outfits make me feel like a walking advertisement (hence the title), I got these temporary Jamba Juice tattoos that they normally give to children because Zach's been working there now and his boss saw me with a lot of temporary tattoos and gave me like 7 Jamba Juice ones lol...
These pants are amazing! My uncle visited for his birthday a few weeks ago, and he gave me these amazing pants, which he made as a teenager. They're bellbottoms, but I rolled them up a little to make them more ~skinny jeans~.

What does red make you think of? Why am I so drawn to it??
tryna figure this out still...


  1. Coca-cola pants!!!!!!!! WANT THAT SH*T! <333333

  2. Literally you are so rad. Those pants are incredible!

  3. i think i cried because these outfits are very nice! i think red is powerful! I used to drink red koolaid and feel like i could beat up all the meany boys on the playlot!! :--)

  4. i really love your style!!!

  5. the way you theme your outfits and posts is so unique. these looks are sooo good!! the jamba juice tattoo is the best detail ever xx