Monday, March 2, 2015

Red Riding Hood

I’ve been obsessed with red recently. I looked through my journal, and noticed a shit ton of red in it…which I compiled into a post on tumblr.  My aunt gave me this amazing red eyeshadow for Christmas (I asked because of this amazing photo), and I’m honestly obsessed with it. She also got me this liquid stuff that turns eyeshadow into eyeliner, so I’ve been able to wear red eyeliner too, (planning to re-create this amazing runway look someday soon) I just cannot get over red...I don't know where this sudden love/obsession came from! I have different colour tags on my tumblr like blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, and RED. And they're so fun to look at! They make me want to colour coordinate all my outfits!
(Cape: Thrift Town/Top:Forever 21 (was orignally a dress)/Skirt: homemade/Socks: Uniqlo/Boots: Forever 21)
(I was trying to throw my hair over my shoulder here....)
I found this gr8 cape at Thrift Town; it’s fleece so it’s sooo comfy and looks so damn regal. I feel like a really strong queen. I love it. I was struggling with how to wear it, like I just wanna wear it on it's own, it's such a stand alone piece, but I think I found a look that goes with it. I recently cut this top--it was originally a dress, but it had become way too short as I am a growing woman and I was mostly wearing it as a shirt, so I finally just chopped it off. Now it's exactly like the black one I bought from F21 a while ago. 

Do you get phases of being obsessed with one colour or style or something? What colour or style? And what do you associate red with?? I want to know what's drawing me to it emotionally.
Hope you're all doing well!


  1. YOU ARE SO FIERCE. This is my favorite look you've ever had.

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so ABSOLUTELY stunning!!!!
    I've been feeling so inspired by you lately, I hope you do fine, darling :)

  3. Love this red and you look gorgeous in it. I now buy a new grey coat, but in the last couple of years I had a red one. One of the last times I wore it a guy said to me something like "Red is a strong color to wear. You have to be brave for it" with a really mean tone in his voice, as I was too much for him. I looked at him like saying "Yeah, that's pretty much the point". This story to say: go like this girl!

  4. I adore your outfit and at the moment I'm currently obsessed with the colours red and mustard yellow! xx