Monday, May 4, 2015

Booty pt. 2

Hello again!
Sorry I've been gone so long! It's finals this week!! ! iM dYinG.... For that reason I can't write too much right now, but just to keep you updated on what's going on in my life right now:
1. I have my drawing final tomorrow! I drew a portrait of Zach that I really love (and hope everyone else does too! Crit is tomorrow!) 
2. I got a job! I work for the online shopping app called "Pair: Style Puzzle" where I will post things I think are cute when shopping and then you can order them from me and I go buy them! You should download the app and let me shop for you!! !! !
3. I'm almost done with school!!! FRIDAY IS THE LAST DAY!!!
4. Spring Fair went dece, I sold a few things, but now there are new things up on my shop that didn't sell (including this sick hat)!
5. I'm going up to my old home for a few days with my mom ssoon after school gets out and it's gonna be so fun and I'm SO excited and I haven't been there for more than a few days in 4 years!!!
Hope you're all doing well!!


  1. I love the hats, but can I order some more booty stuff? what else you are thinking of making with that print? I will buy some. Let me know, you are amazing!

  2. u should get in touch with Lise to do some prints, you talented girl!

  3. i love love love the freckles and colours you have going on here, good luck w exaaams!!!!! xx

  4. Your job sounds really fun! You're looking cute btw xx
    Jade x