Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm a Loser Baby

Hello there!
I'M OUT OF SCHOOL!!! Finally!!.......and....I've done absolutely fucking nothing. I made Zach go on a walk with me the other day like just around the block because I felt so stir crazy from being inside lazing around all the time. Yes, I needed a break when I first got out of school--I was exhausted and thought I was getting sick so I just took a few days to recooperate where I just sat around in my pajamas all day watching TV and eating what felt like non-stop...and then I took a few more days...and then a few more...and now it's been over a week of this garbage and I'm tired of it! But now I'm in this slump and I can't get myself to do anything. And, yes, I did deserve a little break..but this long??
Anyway, I did get a few things done: applied for a few jobs, photographed some art, went shopping for my job, got an interview, and then realized it was 5 hours away from where I lived (...), and updated my shop (links included below!).
Since I haven't been out much, I don't have a ton of new stuff for y'all, but I do have a bunch of outfits from the end of the semester that I photographed and haven't got around to posting so it works out perfectly! Here are two that were featured on the last two What We Wore's on The Pulp Zine that I've photographed in the last few months!
I also updated my shop! This is some of the stuff I didn't sell at the spring fair! You should check it out and buy stuff from meeee. :)) 
Teeth Cap
And keep your eyes out because I'll be adding more shirts (with more sizes), and a zine that I've been working on!!! KEEP THOSE EYES PEEEEELED (anytime in the next two weeks I think)

How are your summers going?


  1. Congrats on finishing school! I love all of your designs, can't wait for the zine! x

  2. O that's amazing that you finished school! Congratulations! I can't wait to feel that!
    Good luck with everything else! Oh and give me those pants! I love it!
    Jade :) x