Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Patterns on Patterns on Patterns

I've been so into pattern mixing lately! I can't get over how great it makes me feel :)
I feel goofy and silly and weird and I love it! This fishy tropical shirt is something I found at Thrift Town on my latest trip there that I absolutely love!? The colours are like my favourite mix and it totally goes with my ~oversized men's wear~ look that I've been sporting the last month or so. Since these photos I've cut my hair, and it's so funny to see it this length..it feels so long! I'll post photos of my new 'do' when I put up some photos!
I just got back from Washington two days ago and I feel so sad to be back. I feel like I wanna run back up there tomorrow it was such a lovely trip and it'd been so long since I'd been to the island--too long. I saw sooo many lovely people that I've truly missed and I just did SO MUCH! I cannot believe I was only there for four days, I got such a crazy amount done each day. I'm trying to channel that kind of productive energy into my days here. I was waking up at like 8:30 every morning and just packing my days full of people and sight seeing, and fun things! I want to continue that in the coming weeks. That's what summer is FOR!
I'll post a Vashon post asap, but I think I'm gonna photograph some of the ~looks~ I wore while up there to supplement the post. Keep ur eyes peeled for some upcoming posts!

The second part of this post are these photos of me and Zach. I was matching this tapestry in his room and asked him to take some photos, and then a different day he was matching my room, and so I took photos of him in my bed! We've truly both got a lot of patterns going on. I think I was inspired by his pattern mixing to do more of it myself!
I love the shorts Zach is wearing. This is actually the outfit I drew him in in the portrait I did of him picutred in the previous post!
(I posted this one on instagram--if you're not following me there yet you should be!! I post a lot of gr8 shit..)

How are all of your summers going? Gone anywhere fun? 

Hope you're all well


  1. MAYA! Next time you are here, let us know, I could take you THRIFTING!!! Miss you.

  2. Really fun pictures! I love how you play around with colors and patterns!
    Jade x

  3. Love how happy those bears are in the last photo :D
    Your socks are superb <3 love the colour combo, love the design!

  4. you're clearly a fantastic pattern miser! love these
    bella x x