Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Losing My Ability to Fly

It's been a few weeks since I started school again so I figured I should update with this with some photos from the first few weeks! I've been working on tons of projects, and feeling a bit overwhelmed. It can be so hard to just jumping back into creating stuff all the time on a deadline. I've never had a problem with making stuff that I likebefore but right now I'm actually really struggling. I'm trying to work past it and just keep working on things until I'm proud of them, but that can be difficult. In some ways it's good to have school to push me through the block, but in other ways I feel like maybe I just need a bit of time off from creating all the time. Like in Kiki's Delivery Service where she just goes out into the woods when she loses her magic. Like maybe I need that for a second. I'm not sure. I feel like I'm running out of ideas. But maybe I can just make art about how I'm running out of ideas.
I'm trying to inspire myself in different ways. I need to go to more museums and just unpack what kind of art makes me feel excited and gives me that bubbly stomach feeling.... I'm thinking so much about my practice that it's making it hard to do. Maybe I need to just stop thinking. I don't know! I have a lot of opposing thoughts. I need to think more. Or maybe less?
Right: Sheila Hicks
A jacket I finished for my sewing class. The construction wasn't amazing, and the best part was this embroidered rose/hand that I spent a million hours on. 
Left: Sheila Hicks
Planning/sketching flats for the jacket pictured above. Thinking about roses. 
Anna with a bag I made from one of my misprint fabrics (you can buy one here)
Process and planning of the rose embroidery
Doing homework in Zach's backyard on a towel because grass is itchy. I really really love red. 

I need to be better at updating this!! Also I need to be calm and take deep breaths. 

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