Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Tender Hearted Artist & Artist Block

Again, it's been way too long since I last posted, but the good news is I have lots of great photos, inspiration, and anecdotes to share. The past few weeks have been difficult again; I've been struggling with feeling uninspired and like I can't do anything new or interesting. Basically what I was talking about in this post although the added anxiety of the election outcome and what the world will be like come January. 
 In terms of my artist block, I think it partially has to do with the classes I'm taking. I only have two studio classes this semester (meaning only two classes where I am making things); a weaving class and a fashion class. While the fashion class is cool and I feel like I'm learning a lot, it's also really fast paced, and I feel like it's difficult to come up with ideas that I'm excited about so quickly. Throughout the last project, I changed my idea three times. I just felt so unsure of what I was doing. The final product turned out pretty good, but I'm still just not sure how I feel about it. I'm not sure if it's "me" or not. I still have a lot of thinking to do in order to figure out my fashion style, I think. I'm wondering if I should take some more design classes to get me to think more about what my style is. 
 I'm excited about my idea for our final project in that class: it's a zero waste pattern using sustainable/reused/recycled/salvaged fabrics. I'm going to use this giant bag of scraps and fabric that my aunt gave me a while ago to make a three piece outfit that I'm still working out the design of. I hope it goes well and I feel excited with the process and happy with the result. I can't wait to get started! I'm trying to spend more time designing and researching and coming up with ideas than I have in the past and hopefully that will help. 

The weaving class is also very interesting and I feel like I'm learning a lot, but again, I don't feel super excited about what I'm making right now. I really loved what I made for the last project (which I'll post about in my end of the semester wrap up post that I normally do) (also theres one photo of one of the pieces from the triptych in this post), but this next project I feel at a bit of a loss. Part of it (I think) is I'm just not sure what to do with my weavings. I have found it hard to make things that I feel have no use. I spoke to my classmate about this and she suggested that sometimes you have to make stuff even if you aren't sure what the use will be initially and the use will work itself out later. And maybe it will. Maybe I will work out how to include my next weaving into an item of clothing--maybe that would make me feel more fulfilled. 

 I did just sign up for my classes next semester and I hope the new classes will make me feel more inspired and happy about making things (although again I'm only taking two studio classes). And I'm just not sure yet. I'll write about the classes I've signed up for next time and update once they start after winter break. For now, take a look at what I've been making, inspired by, and wearing in the past few weeks. 
1. "tender hearted" shirts I printed with a shibori dress I dyed for my professor for an internship 2. me drinking coffee at school
1. recent outfit wearing a backpack I made 2. Louise Bourgious fabric quilt paintings
Pages from Louise Bourgeois fabric book "Ode à l'oubli".  "I had a flashback of something that never existed"

Bagel Breakfast with a 2 girls I'm in the process of working on a project with...I will post about this specifically soon
Recent design idea with the fabric I printed with my own design underneath. I love how the print turned out on this satin! Also "crust of salt" weaving from a series I made called "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" (This one is "Tears"). 
Alan Kaprow Happenings invitation

1. My friend Emma with one of my misprint tote bags (so cute) 2. necklaces my mom knitted for me with embroidery hoops on my wall
Hank Willis Thomas "We The People" quilt made from old prison uniforms at the Black Panther exhibit at the Oakland Museum (which is amazing)
My friend in her studio, working on a weaving she made

1. From "Sheila Hicks Weaving as Metaphor", a pair of darned socks 2. recent outfit
A study of color pallets, inspiration, and tests. 1. necklace my mom made me 2. scrap of fabric from the print from the last posts outfit 3. Weaving I wove recently to make into a bag 4. thinking and inspired by tears as always
1.  "Take Care Of" from the Nook Gallery, started by someone I go to school with, list written after the recent election. It's so important to TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE right now 
Quotes from Louise Bourgeois from the book "The Fabric Works"
"There is nothing except what you sense" Jenny Holzer Truisms, 1977-79
Ana Mendieta
"All things are delicately interconnected" Jenny Holzer, Truisms, 1977-79
 Jenny Holzer, Truisms, 1977-79

What do you do when you feel uninspired? What helps you get excited about making things? I'm really asking.

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  1. new places, changing the every day routine like walking through different streets to get to my everyday routine, even walking to a further bus stop to change the scenery helps me, big photography/art books without alot of writing or context or fashion/art films on youtube are always intresting. Love your work and how you match them with your life/outfits/inspiration xxx