Sunday, July 17, 2011

CT 181 Farmers Market (7/17/11)

Today my dad and I went up to the farmers market. There were so many gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables, that I couldn't help but snap a few photos.

Tasty Hot Chocolate

The BEST strawberries I've ever eaten

Me picking out some fresh and DELICIOUS peaches

My dad took a few photos of my outfit once we got home. I was wearing my new shorts and blazer from Thrift Town. 
Hat:Crossroads/Top:Moms closet/Belt:Brothers Closet/Shorts:Thrift Town/Blazer:Thrift Town/Character Shoes:SF Dancewear

With all the delicious fruits we bought from the farmers market and some amazing whole wheat flower I made this pie, who's crust was really crumbly and difficult to put together, but ended up being better than any pie crust I've made before.

Thanks to dad for the photos of me and the last pie photo <3

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