Friday, July 15, 2011

CT 178 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. MIDNIGHT SHOWING (7/14/11)

My entire family got completely decked out for Harry Potter 7 Part Two. My mom was Mrs. Weasley, my  brother- Harry (seen below), my other brother-Voldemort, my brothers girlfriend-Ginny (of course), My dad-A Death Eater and Me-Hermione. 

The best part was we all got our costumes at thrift town so it was really cheap; my skirt and shirt and cloak were each only $2. Then I wore a S.P.E.W badge and a Gryffindor emblem. 

The lines were CRAZY! We got there two hours early and the line was already practically around the block. I saw my friend when we got there that said she had been there for THREE hours ALREADY (5 hours!) Crazy. We probably should have gone early since we had to sit in the front row (those being the only seats left by the time we got into the theater) But it wasn't that bad, I actually didn't notice after the movie started.

Anyway- here are some photos: 

I hope everyone goes to see it- tell me what you think!
<3 Maya

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