Monday, July 11, 2011

CT 175 Lotsa Florals and New Shorts (7/11/11)

Today was much too cold for a day in June. Although we all know I dislike cold weather very much, this, I suppose, was a welcome break from the usual sticky warmth that we've had for the past weeks.
I am a bit upset with the weather, since it's supposed to be SUMMER. (*sigh*) I suppose this just gives me a reason to wear my new blazers from my shopping spree at Thrift Town yesterday.
But, enough with the endless babbling about the weather (funny that the weather is normally a small talk topic, yet I use it as a subject for almost every post) and on with the post.
Today's outfit choice was a rebellion against the weather (again a reference to the weather); what with it's floral prints and simply the aura of springtime in my jean skirt and capped sleeves.
Glasses: My Grandma's/Bow:Scrap of Fabric/Shirt:Homemade/Necklace: Craft Fare/Belt:Goodwill/Skirt:Fred Meyer/Faded Floral Tights:F21/Boots:Wanted

Another great find from Thrift Town were these amazing HUGE, stretchy shorts which, when taken in and hemmed, were adorable. Don't be surprised if you see these puppies in a outfit post in the near future. 

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