Sunday, July 10, 2011

CT 172 Roads, Beaches and Flowers (7/8/11)

 Today I did a lot of thing, collaging among them. This is a collage I did when I didn't have much inspiration. I was looking through a magazine and decided to rip out pieces of the sky, marveling at how different the colors were in each photo.  Then I saw the photo of the walking woman and cut her out painstakingly carefully so as to not show any of the original background. I then tried to choose the colors of the different swatches of sky carefully and fade the color from lighter to darker.
This ended up being quite a personal collage- me having no idea where I am going or how on earth to get there. It was an accident, but I think I captured a big part of the struggles in my mind right now.

On a less important or demanding note: Pretty flowers!

And last, but not least- photos of my adorable dog <3

Until tomorrow my lovelies-
<3 Maya

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