Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CT 253 Bow Tie and Fancy Tights (10/7/11)

Swap these ankle boots for black pumps and my nude lip to a bright and bold red and I could be a secretary. As a secretary, I drink too much coffee, leaving a red lip print on every disposable Starbucks cup. I may strut around and splurge on every black stiletto I can find, but secretly I listen to classic 70's punk rock and adorn my punk makeup and a spiked and dyed faux-hawk on every weekend. Of course, carefully wiping off everything before monday and instead applying my meticulously drawn red lip and slipping on my black stilettos and my secretary persona, leaving my tights to be the only clue of my secret life.
Shirt:Goodwill(?)/Bow:Goodwill/Dress:Thrift Town/Sweater:Thrift Town/Tights:Mom's/Shoes:Tahoe
Keep keepin' <3

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