Sunday, October 30, 2011

CT 254 WOAH JEANS (10/8and19/11)

The first few photos are from my aunt's pumpkin carving party (yes, i know it's very early, but my aunt's not going to be here for halloween, so we had it early) I made the catbus from Totoro! Unfortunately I don't have a photo, but I'll post one soon. For now, this is what the bus looks like:
Anyway, I was trying to be casual and warm, but also look nice. I think I achieved that happy medium.  So those are the first few photos (unintentional alliteration) There are also some photos from the 19th when I wore this same outfit to school. That is where the title came from since EVERY SINGLE person who saw me said some form of that. Obviously, I'm not one to wear pants often, if ever and the pants that I do wear are special (i.e. high waisted, not jean material, sheer etc.) So the reactions were because these people have either not seen me in jeans at school, not seen me in jeans in a while, or never before seen me in jeans. PreTTy CraZy for them...
I also subscribed to teen vogue and received my free bag on the 19th. (shown below)
Shirt:Goodwill/Crochet Top:Thrift Town/Scarf:Vintage from my aunt/JEANS: F21/Wedges Urban Outfitters (on sale!)
keep keepin' ma lovelies
<3 xo

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