Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CT 249 A Little Visit With Red Tipped Locks (10/2/11)

Unlike most people my age, I love visiting my grandparents, we always eat good food and play charades until we're all laughing and incoherent. I know I'm a teenager and I'm supposed to be all angsty and hate my family or something, but I really don't, and I think all those teenagers who do are missing out on something great. Though, it may just be my family that is this awesome. I hope not though, because I feel like everyone should experience the amazing family time that I do.
This time we visited I had my hair pinned up short and some of the ends colored red (with lipstick....another thing that makes me an un-angst-y teenager, the only time I dyed my hair it was so subtle that no one noticed, so for bursts of color on my less than golden locks, I color them with markers or lipstick...)
anyway- <3 xo

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