Friday, October 14, 2011

CT 247 Braidlocks (9/27/11)

Here is a quick-y post all about my hair. 
My hair is very unruly. Some days it's as greasy as a recently-used frying pan, some days it's dry and coarse like dead grass. Partially because I often sleep with my hair wet, my locks are very fickle. Some days my hair looks like an explosion of curls, others a rat's nest of knots. 
Today was one of those days where your hair just feels like hay. It was horrible. So I figured, stupidly, that it would be better if I straightened it. Not the case. It turned out like  frizzy puff ball- not exactly the look I was going for. I slept with it in a bun, but this did little to thwart the mass of frizzles I had on my head. Eventually, during one of my classes, I put my hair in a bunch of little braids, which a lot of people told me looked like dreadlocks. I liked the idea. With my beret and glasses, I felt like a poet who writes in old, disintegrating notebooks, sitting in a cafe drinking coffee or tea. A thought that, unfortunately, was not ever put into action as the 80 degree weather prohibited any consumption of hotter-than-luke-warm drinks. 
My wintery sweater was a bit on the hopeful side, but it was so cozy that I couldn't help throwing it on when I woke up to the mornings mist. Fooled by the Bay Area weather, as per usual. 

Alright, well
xo My lovelies

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