Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CT 272 Pants

My friend came over after school so, naturally, I made her walk around the block with me an take my photo. :) I looooove this first photo, I have to use it for something.
Also these pants:
They came from my aunt in the mail at least 4 months ago and I keep meaning to wear them and fogetting. FINALLY I wore them when I went Christmas shopping in SF with my mom. A gay man came up and complimented me, so LIFE. COMPLETE. hah, but seriously, I love these pants and Jennifer- I'm sorry it took me so long to post photos of me wearing them :P
Anyway, Hope you're all having a lovely evening. I am off to do my homework now so I don't end up staying up until 12:30 like last night...

Earrings:Buffalo Exchange/Bandeau:f21/Shirt: my brothers closet (then cut up..)/Belt: Goodwill/Pants:Goodwill/Socks:CVS/Shoes: SF Dancewear
xoxo Maya

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