Monday, January 30, 2012

A Late New Years Resolution

This blog started off as a "creative thing a day blog" and although I believe fashion to be a creative thing, I wish I had more of the creative things I do outside of just my clothing.
This year I pledge to try to do at least two non-outfit related creative thing a month. (I was going to say once a week, but there are really stressful weeks that make me feel like this will become something I will just drop)
To start this off, I'd like to show you this collage I've been meaning to show you for a while now. I started it sometime in November and finished it about a month ago. not because it's super good and I worked on it every day, but because I had one step left to the layers upon layers that I had, and I left it to about a month later. All in all, it was a 4 day project, not including the huge break in the middle.
This collage was inspired by Erin Partridge who I met at the Mini Maker Faire in November. I am seriously so inspired by her work, everytime I look at her stuff, it makes me want to make a collage.
Anyway, I was inspired when I saw all her stuff at the Maker Faire and decided to pull out my collaging stuff again. Here is the result:

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