Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty Twelve

One year ago I made this blog.
Though it didn't quite go as planned with some huge bumps along the way, like my iPhoto constantly f***ing up, I did it. And I loved every moment of it. So instead of stopping at the end of this year, I am moving on. Continuing to blog here, nothing is really going to change except that I'm going to stop posting "CT" at the beginning of each post, which is something I will not miss in any way.
This year I have a new thing I wanted to share with you.
First a little background. To be perfectly honest, I've always hated tumblr, just because I've always felt that no one actually does anything on Tumblr. Photos are re-posted and re-posted to the point where nothing is original. It also always bothered me that everyone uses "whore" or "slut" in their name, I just thought that was unnecessary. And don't even get me started on all the disgustingly cliche quotes posted by some teenage girl who thinks her life totally sucks, when in reality, it's just life, and she should get over herself. For these reasons, I never really got into Tumblr. Then I started looking at bloggers who had Tumblr as well as a blog where they posted original things and started to think of it as an inspiration blog instead of a copier's blog.
I am now proud to present MY tumblr. This is an inspiration blog, so don't expect anything of mine up there, it is purely for inspiration. I may dabble in the idea of putting a few of my outfits up on it, but mostly it will be my inspiration blog.
Hope you enjoy it- I've already posted some things up so check it out! :)
Happy New Year my lovelies!
<3 Xo Maya


  1. It's gorgeous! I really love it, definitely following you on tumblr now too :)

  2. Crazy stuff! I'm following you too! :)