Monday, January 28, 2013

Day of the Dead (also I love you guys)

A few weeks months ago I went to see the Day of the Dead exhibit at the Oakland museum. Overall it was slightly underwhelming because it was so small, but the stuff there was really really great. I absolutely love all the fake flowers and the Lady Guadalupe is my favorite, I love those tall candles too. AH! This makes me really want to re-do my room so much!
Also, AHHHHH I got to 100 followers! I'm so excited!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much. I love you all. I'll do some cool like "through the years" post or something fun soon.
<3 <3 <3 <3

<3 all y'alls


  1. this is so pretty :) the flowers with the skulls are so lovely an the photos are great. congrats on 100 followers!

  2. I love those pictures so much. I once made a diadelosmuertos-shrine for my room, I painted skulls and stuff, it looks pretty amazing! aaaand congratulations - I am sure your blog will grow superfast and superpopular as its like the perfect blog <33

    1. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU. You literally comment on all my posts and that makes you my fave <3 <3

  3. these are GORGEOUS! i love how colorful these pictures are.

  4. Wow, I really like your blog! It's too kawaii 4 this world

  5. I love day of the dead!!!

  6. You're one of my favourite bloggers! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :)

  7. This post is gorgeous! Day of the Dead is a huge inspiration for me as well. :)

  8. That would of been so cool to see! So fascinating!!