Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I dunno guys

So finally are finally finally over and life is back to normal (sort of?). I had a good long weekend though now I am completely exhausted.
This four day weekend was nice though, I got basically no sleep, ate tons of crap food, saw a bunch of my friends and caught up in my journal (trying to keep my new years resolutions). I had no homework since it was the weekend after finals and that is just completely amazing. My life infinitely better and more fun without homework. Even with school, like if we didn't have homework I could hang out with people on school nights and work on my journal and update this more often and just ugh. It would be amazing. Homework seriously messes with my social/internet/artistic life.
But I still have time for this stuff....(somehow..)
Beret:found in my attic/Sweater:F21/Overalls:Dungarees from Thrift Town/Fishnets:Costume box in my attic/Shoes:Crossroads



  1. You look super cool! I like how you rolled up the overalls at the bottom. It must be a super comfy outfit too~

  2. Want those I really! Love how you paired this. The beret is so cute.

  3. this is so cute and amazing gahhh :3
    i nominated you for the liebster award


  4. uhh you are so amazing! unfortunately, I still don't have holidays or something and school is so exhausting, I actually hate it. Anyways, your outfit is so awesome. I really admire you for your time management, that you are able to blog here. I should make home work right now, but urgh I hate it...


  5. Love the dungarees so cute!


  6. This outfit is so Chic! I love those shoes and your hair is just perfect!
    ps: What camera did you use? The photos are really nice.

  7. Hi, I nominated you for the Leibster Award. Please check it out!


  8. Ahh, super jealous. I can never find a perfect pair of overalls like this anywhere. I love how you paired 'em with a beret and clogs. Very awesome!