Saturday, January 12, 2013

Incredibly Frustrating

Recently (meaning this weekend) I've been going on tumblr and other peoples blogs while avoid the crap loads of work I have to do and I've become massively inspired, but it's already three o'clock and I have to write an essay, read an 100 page book, and write a self evaluation before I go to bed tonight, so I can't DO anything. It's incredibly frustrating that when I actually am in the creative mood (I want to embroider the shit out of everything I own and cover everything in fake flowers) I can't do anything because I know I have this shit load of work hanging over me waiting to get done, and FINALS are next week too and I'm just dead.
But being on here complaining makes me feel less like I'm wasting time (and I know I could use this time to create stuff, but I've convinced myself that since I'm on the computer I'm BASICALLY writing my self-evaluation right now...I mean, I have word open...)
Anyway: Here's some inspiration that I've been hoarding for a while and now need to finally put all together in one happy inspiration post.

I've been recently obsessing over two collectives Eva just started (both of which I'm sort of a part of) (in the feminist one there's a description of me in the "contributors" section)
First her teenage diary one and secondly her teen feminist/life one. I've been spending all my time ogling at the beauty and perfection displayed in these tumblrs and the knowledge that so many amazingly cool teenage girls exist on the internet and feel the same/similar ways about life/themselves/everything is somehow reassuring.

 Hollie's journal (she is perfection)

Hollie's perfect collage.  
Hollie's journal
 Source Unknown
 I know this is probably sorta gross to some people, but I think it's beautiful. (Source Unknown)
 My So-Called Life. 1994
 I don't know why I find this so beautiful, but it makes me want to cry, it's just so amazing. 
 Source Uknown
 My plan is to make something like this in my room. It's so amazing. I'm so enthralled by Day of the Dead shrines recently. 
 This just made me giggle a little. 
 Essine's glitter collage 
 Source Unknown (someone tell me because I love this...)
 Eryn's room. 
 By Dayzee
 Essine's journal
Flower's room (so jealous)


  1. EW EW EW, I hate that feeling! I have to write a paper right now and do two sculptures for art and I'm like GROSS NO I WANNA DO CREATIVE STUFF WITH FLOWERS.

    Ohh, and I'm so glad you liked my MSCL journal!! Also, the glittery Marilyn collage is mine (my tumblr is P.S. I'm supa stoked to be in the collective with such a stella babe as you!!! <3 <3

    P.S. I AM SO JELLO OF FLOWER'S ROOM. It is, fo realz, the greatest thing ever!

  2. This is really cool! I'm so glad I discovered your blog x

  3. *cried when you commented on my blog*
    dude this is me all the time. like, wanting to make zines and flower crowns and tie-dye things but then having HOMEWORK to do and studying. Why would I ever want to do maths when I could be collaging??
    Ugh anyways, THESE PHOTOS ARE SO GOOD. The Swinging Sixties collage and the "always" flowers are my favourite ^_^

    1. yeah! It sucks. I just spent 7 hours on a history project and now I have to write an essay UGH. Hopefully I'll be creating some stuff soon though...
      Your blog rocks! I'm so glad I clicked on your name haha!

  4. the wandering collective is such an awesome thing, i am also really happy to be a contributours. And i know exactly what you mean. In december i had my finals and i was so inspired and wanted to redecorate my room bit ugh maths and biology and ugh. xx

  5. I know how you feel. My parents want me to do stuff for school all the time because I messed up my last exams :( Do you think that swing with the water really exists ??

  6. Wow! My favourite post of yours so far, thanks for introducing me to two great tumblrs which led me to other people's amazing blogs which led me to spending hours on the internet marvelling at all these beautiful feminist blogs.
    Thank you :)

  7. these pictures are great; the collages and journals are absolutely gorgeous. and i love that picture of angela and rayanne; angela's outfit is probably one of my top 10 favorite 90's tv show ensembles ever.

  8. This moodboard is epic! I actually love the bandaids. And I totally understand your frustration. It's almost like schools are designed to suck the creative juices from us. :/ I hope you find time to do whatever it is you wanna do, though!