Friday, February 6, 2015

Adidas, Eyebrows, and Ruffled Socks

Hello again!
One of my New Years Resolutions has been to update this blog more often, which it seems is coming along! Yay!
I started school again and have been trying to consistently dress nice. I often feel I have to prove my major to people, since it's really the only thing you can see straight up from the outside. Like, when I tell people I'm a Fashion Major EVERY TIME I see them look me up and down. I don't wanna be wearing something silly when they do that. I wanna look good! Zach has been feeling similarly--we both want to up our look game, so we went shopping together in the Mission. I've been searching and coveting adidas white sneakers for a while. It's part of the ~healthgoth~ movement, which tbh I've been into... Plus, I have like 15 pairs of black shoes and basically no white ones (one pair??, and 2 black and white pairs??..not enough obvs) Anyway, Zach and I walked into Thrift Town and what do I see?? Fucking adidas Shell Toed Sneakers (EXACTLY what I asked for for Christmas ($75 retail price)) for $5 in MY SIZE (which is literally unheard of because I'm a 10.5!!??) (clearly I was very excited..and still have been....for weeks...every look I've photographed for the last two weeks has included these kick ass shoes....but look at them! All worn in already...looking sooo cute with my different ruffled socks <3_<3 I'm obsessed.
I got this shirt when I got the sneakers (from a different store, but same trip). ($4!!!)
Fry themed look!! I made this skirt last semester, and Zach gave me this sweatshirt cause he loves me and gets me....

I hope you've all had a lovely week!!!!


  1. That top is beyond beautiful! such a great find. I love your Adidas too. Is that your dog or just a random dog ha it's so cute


  2. Dirty worn in white shoes are so charming :) what a great find! I love your green eyebrows too!


  3. The shirt is soo pretty, I cant believe you got it for $4 !

  4. i loove your top, so beautiful! the fries outfit is beyond perfect tooo <3 xx

  5. Maya, you are a QUEEN! Btw you're one of my top fashion inspos. I feel you on the "prove your major" thing, too. When I was at college last semester I felt like I had to prove I was a costume design major... But it is totally fine to cheat some days! (who says drop crotch pants and a sports bra as a top isn't fashionable??? ;-) ) And oh my god, congratz on the STEAL OF THE CENTURY! Finding /good/ adidas for basically nothing is super rare!

  6. Thrift shops are a gift from the gods, I can't believe you got them for $5!!!! The shirt is also soooo pretty ahhh and I also nominated you for the Liebster award here

    Elma x

  7. OMG the skirt of fries is TOO COOL
    i love it!

  8. This look is too cool. I love your makeup!

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