Thursday, February 19, 2015

Live Fast, Die Fast

GET IT?? CAUSE THE GRAVESTONE?? I wonder how many other people have seen this gravestone and made that joke.
One thing I do love about this semester, is I'm actually getting to photograph my outfits because I get out so early. I've hated nearly EVERYTHING else about having classes five days a week, but this is definitely a highlight. I have photos PILING UP. I have no less than THREE other outfits to post (*the crowd gasps*). That's all I have to say for now! New post soon!
(Dress: Thrift Town/Belt: Thrift Town/Socks: Halloween Store/Shoes: Thrift Town) (I haven't done one of these in a while!!)
(Simpson's Sweatshirt: Forever 21/Colour Block Grid Button-Up: Thrift Town/Green Skirt: Thrift Town/Socks: Hot Sox Art Socks)


  1. these photos are all beautiful - the gravestone ones in particular...that lighting man, that lighting!! your simpsons sweater is the coolest - my surname's simpson though so i'm feeling buying something similar for myself might be a bit much! hope you're well xx

  2. such great great photography!! I love how it´s themed with yellow and the lighting is just... and that dress is so beautiful, it looks perfect with the belt and the shoes. looking forward to see the other outfits you have created xx

    - Ania,