Monday, February 16, 2015

January Journals

I finished my most recent journal a few weeks ago, and scanned some of the best pages that I haven't posted yet. (Previous posts of this journal here and here) I recently became part of the tumblr thejournalclub, which has been inspiring me a lot to do more journaling. Being on break, combined with that led to a lot of journaling and I very quickly finished the second half of my journal! (The first half took me three months to fill, the second half is all one month!) Some of the month is in this video posted here on my tumblr.

My new journal is all coloured pages, so I'm excited to post photos of that too!! But I won't overwhelm you with all that, so first here is this stuff!

(IMPORTANT: some of these are super angsty or personal, but I don't want to cover anything up because I think the writing adds to the whole thing, so please, respectful...)



  1. As usual, your art is so beautiful! I feel like these are my favorite journal pages thus far of yours for many reasons. The main is reason is that I can relate to a lot of these all so well (even the "continue playing" netflix doodle!!). The *inexplicably crying* and "deconstructing" texts/doodles are my favorites, because I've been going through a very similar thing. This awkward phase of not being a teenager and not being an adult is really scary and really kind of sucks. But things will pick up, they always tend to! Hope you are doing well and enjoying life. You're amazing~

  2. I loved these so much that I brought the laptop screen right next to my face to look at all the details, your sketches are so wonderful

  3. So amazing, honestly your journals inspire me so much, I want to start documenting my life with journals b/c of you. I really like the sketch of the photobooth bathtub! and all the coordinating tape and the colours and sketches and ahh all so beautiful.

  4. your journals give me liiiife man, these are so beautiful, and I have the upmost respect for you for posting these uncovered etc etc bc you're right, it's the personal stuff that completes them. i just love your art so much aggh!!! xxx