Tuesday, February 24, 2015


(I'm sorry for this title Grandma...)
So I recently went to the Keith Haring exhibit at the Deyoung Museum, and it was incredible!! It wasn't just his classic dancing people or just his babies, but also his really political works, his graphic crazy dick drawings, his whole dick journal including, but absolutely not limited to "self portrait: erect", "minimal penis", etc. I took some photos there (pictures were allowed), which are dispersed among these outfit photos. I realized how little I knew about Keith Haring when I went to this exhibit. His work is all done in like a ten year time span, because he died really young from AIDS. He was INCREDIBLY prolific, and did a lot of pieces that took only a few minutes. I loved the show, it's gone now so I can't encourage everyone to see it, but I hope everyone who could saw it, because it was incredible! One of the best things to see honestly, was the really pretentious art people staring a these huge dicks like analyzing it. I just loved it. Anyway, this shirt was a copy of one of the journal pages (I put the photo of it down below), expanded into a pattern that could go over a whole shirt. It's funny, because I've been thinking about what to draw on shirts, since I made the boob shirt in this post, and literally as soon as I saw this page of his journal, I was like "oh shit, this would look SO sick on a shirt. It's not really finished yet: I want to make the pattern come up higher (slightly), but I was too excited to not wear it immediately.
I based literally this entire outfit around my boyfriend's hat, which he left at my house. I've been SO obsessed with the baseball cap vibe lately. Like "masculine" clothes with the "feminine". (similar aesthetic to this post. I've been scouring the mens section in thrift town now. My short hair I think is making me more into androgyny, also maybe this post when I did my makeup like a "girl" and "boy". (Also I just look so good in baseball caps)

My boyfriend, Zach, in a blacklit room (his jacket was glowing!)
I hope you're all doing well!
Go to see some art at a museum near you! I forgot how amazing it is to see it in person. And we got a walking tour, which really made it interesting as well, I do like hearing the analysis of the piece (especially since being in art history, I think, I want to know more what's behind the work and more about the artist themselves)



  1. such a cool outfit !! love the way you interpret someone else´s art to create your own! Haring would be happy. the shirt is fabulous. internet is both wonderful and disasterous for the art scene, seeing it in person is so important xx

  2. you are beyond cool Maya ugh, I love the shirt and aw reading about your wanderings with Zach always make me so happy because you two are the sweetest!! you are so lucky you got to see some real life Haring too man, ah. xx