Thursday, February 17, 2011

CT 35 Pictures (2/5/11)

More pictures!

Here's a pretty picture of my eye, you can see gold flecks which looks so pretty!

Here's a photoshopped version so that the iris is still green but the rest is more faded.
 We went to the dog park, and I got this cool picture there. It is SUCH a pretty place, and i love the mountains and the river-type thing. So pretty. It was so nice out. It was almost 80 degrees that day! It was like summer, but in winter-time. The weather has been so weird lately.

I loved the shadow this fence was making on the ground, and the chairs just looked so pretty in this lighting.

Pretty flowers. Pretty lighting.

More pretty flowers. These daisies looked really pretty with the fence.

Picture I took of myself in the mirror, I love this for some reason. It's not a particularly amazing photo, but I think it it cute. I love that you can see the camera. And the sunglasses. I love those sunglasses.

Beautiful photo of Telegraph while the sun was setting. I love the trees and the traffic lights.

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