Monday, February 21, 2011

CT 49 (part one) LOTS OF PICTURES (day) (2/19/11)

I did so many things yesterday, I had to split it into three sections. There are three sections Day pictures, Night pictures and collages.

Here are the day pictures.

I love that the background leaf is the one in focus.

The lighting is so pretty with the dew. Or maybe rain, not really sure.
I love this flower with the dew/rain on it. I love these flowers and their color.
 I love this shadow of a bike. Pretty.
This leaf almost looks pierced through the tree.

 I love the stain of the leaf here.
 We were at this really cool place with grafitti. I loved this one and it looked so pretty in this light.
 I love this photo of my dog. Do you see the flare from the camera under him? That was what I was trying to paint the day before with the red balloon in the sky.
 I liked this graffiti with my shoes in the corner, it shows how huge it is.
I like the wires through this picture.
I love this picture with the shriveled leaves.
I love this flower with the bricks behind it.

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