Friday, February 18, 2011

CT 48 Photos in the Rain (2/18/11)

 I went to San Francisco today to see the oscar nominated shorts (very good, by the way; I want "The Lost Thing" to win for animated and "The Wish" to win for the live action shorts, AMAZING shorts all of them- but actually I didn't like "Confession" just depressing and horrible, in my opinion the worst one, but it did have beautiful filming.) It was raining as it does in winter in San Francisco and I took these photos through the window.

I love this one because the rain drops on the window are in focus and the cars behind are blurred out.
 I've always loved the reflections the cars make on the street when it's raining and I love the traffic lights and the cross road.
 Another beautiful photo of the reflections everything makes on the street when its raining.
 Those blurs in the corner are the raindrops catching the light, but I liked how it looked with the dark sky and tree.
 This is at home actually, I love again the reflection the street light is making in the corner and I love the arrows on the ground.
A portait version of that scene. I like how you can see the trees on the edge.

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