Thursday, February 17, 2011

CT 36 More Photos(2/6/11)

I loved the lighting on this table (at my friends house). The patters and colors are so beautiful!

I love the bright orange of the cone contrasting against the grays and black of the shadows and sidewalk.

 I love the staples and the nails rusted on this telephone pole and the yellowed paper. So pretty.

This pillow was making suck a cool reflection/shadow on the wall!

This is a cool reflection of our trees on my iPod. I thought the colors were so pretty.

 I love this picture with the tree and then the other trees and the moon in the background. The sky looks grey, so pretty. I love the color grey.
Here's a picture my dad took of my doing my homework outside, it was SO nice out, I didn't want to be stuck inside! Everything looks so pretty in this picture!

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